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TIBCO Rendezvous(RV) is the leading low latency messaging solution for real-time high throughput data distribution applications. It is the most widely deployed, supported, and proven low latency messaging solution in the market today. It is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide for a broad range of applications ranging from market data distribution and trading applications, to real-time control systems for manufacturing plants, supply chains, and transportation networks, to a broad range of public sector and military applications.

Course Details :

  • Training Code:TWSRV101
  • Available as : Classroom & In Company course
  • Duration: 16 hours


  • Architecture of RV
  • Multicast & Point to Point Messaging
  • RV Messaging using Subjects
  • Transport Parameters
  • Reliable and Certified Message Delivery
  • Distributed Queue
  • RV Daemon (RVD)
  • RV Routing Daemon (RVRD)