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TIBCO iProcess Suite delivers something that we call BPM+. BPM+ refers to going beyond the traditional boundaries of BPM to handle any type of process, and all of the process life cycle. We are able to provide this comprehensive functionality by bringing together over 20 years of experience and the input of 1000 customers. BPM+ leverages complementary technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), business activity monitoring (BAM), and complex event processing (CEP). The resources in this section provide a technical perspective on how TIBCO delivers BPM+, including a deep dive into the TIBCO IProcess Suite and information on BPM in an SOA environment.

What Is TIBCO iProcess?

TIBCO IProcess Suite is a set of software that enables consultants and developers to model, simulate, execute and monitor business processes. It is a complete business process management (BPM) tool that helps you increase the performance of your business execution. It offers a full visibility of step by step business flow. You can integrate any types of business flow using this software. It has the capability to make humans and systems participate in the business process execution. It offers excellent process monitoring capabilities.

Course Details :

  • Training Code:TWSIPE101
  • Available as : Classroom & In Company course
  • Duration: 60 hours


  • Scenario Oriented Training
  • Materials and Certification Guidance
  • Access For Hands-On
  • Customized Course Agenda For TIBCO IProcess
  • Live-Support During Sessions Hours