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This TIBCO AMX-BPM course covers designing and deploying business processes using TIBCO Business Studio 3.5.x. TIBCO AMX-BPM concepts covered include modeling of organizations, processes, data and user forms. Hands-on labs explore process integration with web services, email and databases. Customized user forms are created and pageflows are designed for advanced forms interactions with users and external systems. Throughout the course, the BPM applications are deployed to a TIBCO AMX-BPM server and tested using Workspace and Openspace clients.

What Is TIBCO ActiveMatrix AMX-BPM ?

TIBCO AMX-BPM is a unified platform that automates business processes, manages the distribution of work to people, and delivers actionable insight into process performance. Designed to meet the needs of both the business and IT, it allows the business to successfully own process management while IT owns the supporting infrastructure. Business experts can manage processes as corporate assets and collaborate with IT to develop applications using a fast, iterative approach that delivers rapid time-to-benefit. Process and workforce management are separated to optimize the use of people and dynamically managing the work they perform. Built-in model-driven support for workflow patterns also allows processes to naturally adapt to the way people work.

Course Details :

  • Training Code:TWSAMX102
  • Available as : Classroom & In Company course
  • Duration: 60 hours


  • Scenario Oriented Training
  • Materials and Certification Guidance
  • Access For Hands-On
  • Live-Support During Sessions Hours