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Become an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expert through personalized mentored learning, hands-on projects,and career development support

Course Contents: Data Analytics with Python

  • PYTHON BASICS (Lists, Dictionary, Tuples, Conditional Statements(If, Loops), Functions, Variables, Renaming & Deleting Files)
  • PYTHON : NUMPY (Array Characteristics, Array Creation(arrange, linspace, flatten), Array Indexing(Slicing), Array Manipulation, Reshape, Concatenate, Append, Insert, Delete, Transpose)
  • PYTHON : PANDAS (Series, Data Frames, Sorting, Reading csv file, Visualiation (bar graph, histogram, box plot), Merging, Missing Data)
  • PYTHON : MATPLOTLIB (Bar Plot, Stacked Bar Plot, Histogram, Line Chart, Box plot)
  • STATISTICS (Type of Data, Statistics, Type of Statistics, Descriptive Statistics, Mean, Median, Mode(Measures of Central Tendency), Standard Deviation, Variance(Measures of Dispersion), Normal Distribution, Standard Normal Distribution, Standard Error, Sampling, Probability, Confidence Interval, T-Test & Z-Test, P-value, Hypothesis Testing, Type I Error & Type II Error, Chi-Square Test, ANOVA, Correlation)
  • LOGISTIC REGRESSION (Introduction, Assumptions(Linearity, Hetroskedasticity, Multi-collinearity, etc), Building Linear Regression Model, Understanding standard metrics, (Variable significance, R-square/Adjusted R-square etc), Validation of Model)

Trainer Profile: Professional Experience

  • 14 years of industry experience. 6 years of experience in employing data science techniques such as Linear & Logistic Regression, Cluster Analysis, Decision Tree, KNN, CNN, RNN etc using R, SAS, Python,Tableau to bring about fundamental improvements in strategy, processes & profitability.
  • Conducted  training program at Chitkara University, Punjab, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Chandigarh, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow.
  • Corporate training for Barclays, Bold Technology, Stryker, ISG etc.
  • Conducted  training programs for working professionals at various institutes, Edupristine, Intellipat, BSE etc.
  • Till date imparted training to 550+ individuals.

Trainer Profile: Data Science & Analytics Experience

  • Worked for Petro Link Data Services to build a model for Fault Detection in Gensets.
  • As a freelancer, have been working for different clients on projects for Customer Segmentation, Churn Prediction, Sales Analytics, Credit Card Default, Credit Risk Analytics, HR Analytics, Forecasting, Oil & Gas, Automobile.
  • Used statistical tools like R ,Python and SAS to work with the clients to map the client business problem to statistical problem and formulate hypothesis and test conclusions and build the predictive models , helped them to leverage the business insights from the data to drive business value.
  • Used Advanced Analytics algorithms like Linear & Logistic Regression, K-Means, Cluster Analysis, Time Series Analysis, Decision Trees, Machine Learning techniques like Ensemble Learning (Random Forest, Bagging, Boosting), KNN, SVM, Neural Networks to solve the business problem which help the client to improve their prediction accuracy by way of providing them with actionable insights.
  • Experience of building interactive dashboards, worksheets, reports using Tableau.

Contact Details :

  • Email ID:
  • M: +91-9711660603, +971-544147095

Course Details :

  • Training Code:VZODAP101
  • Available as : Classroom & In Company course
  • Duration: 40 hours

Trainer Profile: Qualifications

  • PGXPM – General Management| Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai, India | Dec ’09 – Dec ‘11
  • B.E – Mechanical Engineering | National Institute of Technology Durgapur, India | Nov ’00 – May ‘04