Android Nougat – Tablet Review

It has been a little over a week since the final build of Android Nougat was released. I have test driven Android “N” on my Nexus 6P for the last few months, and now am using the final version on my Google Pixel C.

Split-Screen Apps… Finally

Android was a little late to the party, but they have finally added Split-Screen support for their tablets. In typical Google fashion, they have executed this flawlessly. Manually resizing applications is easily down by sliding the middle divider left or right, much like Windows 10.

A simple tap on the Multi-Window button at the bottom-right, allows you to quickly see other running apps, allowing you to switch to that application or close it.


The notification shade at the top is now dynamically placed, meaning you can slide from the top down on the right or left of the screen, and have your shade drop down wherever your finger is placed.


Quick App Switching

Double-tapping the Recent Apps Button now quickly switches the current app, to the last opened app.


I am not going to list every new feature of Android N, but the experience for a tablet user has made significant improvements.

The UI runs smoother than Marshmallow (on the Pixel C at least) and Android is finally maturing on tablets.

If your tablet has it available, Android Nougat is a must-download.


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