EA Sports (Or Microsoft?) Botches Madden 17 Early Access

UPDATE #2 (08/21 @ 10:25 pm): Wow. Instead of fixing the issue by simply releasing the game early to those who pre-ordered, Microsoft has now officially called it quits.

UPDATE #1 (08/21 @ 11:00 am): Now there are multiple reports that Madden 17 is cutting people around 8 hours short on their trials. The affected seem to be the same group affected by the pre-order bug. EA is aware of the issue and is attempting to fix.

Madden 17 was planned to release early for EA Access members on August 18th. Interestingly, similiar to last year actually, it released on August 17th in the evening. Or so most thought…

It turns out, that if you pre-ordered Madden NFL 17 and were an EA Access Subscriber, then you were unable to play the game early on the 17th or the entire 18th. It really begs the question of whether EA Sports will compensate users who paid a minimum of $53 for their game, plus the $5 monthly payment for having access early.

I was one of the people affected, and it was particularly frustrating for me since I pre-ordered the game with the sole motivation being that I wanted it downloaded so that it was available right away.

Were you affected?

Is yours now working?

Leave comments below.


3 thoughts on “EA Sports (Or Microsoft?) Botches Madden 17 Early Access

  1. I was able to play for about an hour then i preorder it and havent been back on. I used my other account to get ea access and was able to play on that accout but not the account i preordered it on

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