What No Man’s Sky Is (And Isn’t)

The seemingly age old question.

But… what do you do in No Man’s Sky?

What is the point of it?

True fans are sick of answering this and Hello Games has to be over trying to explain what is so clearly obvious (if you actually listened to them).

For starters, here is what NMS is not:

  • It is not, never was going to be and is not trying to be, an FPS. Don’t expect your multi-tool to resemble the SCAR in Battlefield.
  • It is not a traditional multiplayer game, so save the “but how do I meet up with my friends” statements. It’s a UNIVERSE-SIZED game.
  • It is not Eve Valkyrie. So don’t expect Tie-Fighter style dog-fights.

This game is about the thrill of knowing you are in all likelihood, the ONLY person in the WORLD that will be on whatever planet-size entities that you discover. It is about the realization of how small we all are in the grand scheme of our own galaxy and universe. It is about enjoying the very premise of what true discovery actually is.

If that alone doesn’t hype you for this game, then you are not in its target audience. Sean Murray clearly is that type of person and it’s evident from every gameplay demonstration that he has ever done.

He believes that discovering a foreign world, learning it’s intricacies, expanding your own mind and marveling at the fact that this is literally procedurally generated, is such an amazing thing. If you don’t feel that way about what his team has done, then it’s simple.

Don’t buy it.

For those interested, see these insane patch notes.


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